Your network is your net worth

This week I speak to Ben Sinclair, a Customer Success Manager with a global software company about broken dreams and new beginnings.

In high school, Ben was a sports scholarship student with dreams of becoming a professional footballer. Like many athletes, Ben didn’t have a backup plan, he just put everything he had into becoming a football star.

After finishing high school and not immediately making an AFL side, Ben went on to play VFL for a few years, starting a carpentry apprenticeship to pay the bills while he pursued his goal of gaining that elusive AFL position.

Overnight Ben’s dreams were dashed and his football and carpentry careers came to a grinding halt after a freak worksite accident.

Ben and I chat about this lifechanging moment, the lifeline his grandfather gave him, the challenges of working in a family business and how his network has led him to a new career path with new goals and much different life aspirations.

Ben’s story is raw, real and inspiring.    

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