Who Dares Wins

Who Dares Wins

This week Gabby Ianniello joins me to chat about the things we wish we had known. As an educator and the founder of The Adulting Manual, a platform where twenty-somethings can learn the life lessons they weren’t taught in school, Gabby hears some recurring themes and we ponder if the education system will ever give us the skills we really need. Gabby is also the host of Corporate Quitter, a podcast where entrepreneurs and side-hustlers share their stories and provide listeners with actionable steps to help them achieve their own goals so we discuss some of the lessons learned and what will happen to society if we all become corporate quitters.

If you would like to know more about Gabby you can check out her websites www.theadultingmanual.com and www.corporatequitter.com, follow her on LinkedIn, Instagram @theadultingmanual_ // or @shelikestogab  //, TikTok @shelikestogab  // and you can read more at www.ifonlyyouknewpodcast.com.au

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