When you hit rock bottom something has to change but change is a process. It’s a daily task and not a one day job

Quite quickly Dima learnt that the workplace was a far cry from the big dreams she had held during university.

After 20 years as an Architect working for organisations all around the world, Dima Istambouli hit rock bottom.

In this episode, Dima opens up on how she came to that realisation and the strategies she used to try and lift herself out of depression knowing that she was emotionally broken but financially limited.

As an outlet for her emotions, Dima started sharing positive quotes on Instagram and discovered that by reaching out, many people started contacting her for support and advice.

While Dima helped everyone who asked, her own tears kept falling and she could not understand why she was able to help everyone except herself.

Dima talks openly about how she discovered a new perspective on life and the intentional behavioural changes she made.

Dima is committed to changing the world by touching one heart at a time and I know this story will touch yours.

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