What breaks your heart?

After suffering a near drowning accident at 14, Tony experienced what he describes as a ‘reality alarm’ and almost instantaneously made a conscious decision to live a life of purpose and meaning. This decision continues to inform everything Tony does.

In this episode we discuss Tony’s career evolution and how he improved human performance for global organisations as well as a very unconventional job interview he had. Having held executive positions with multiple Fortune 500 companies including John Deere, Medtronic and Buffalo Wild Wings, Tony provides great insight into executive life, innovation and risk management. We talk entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, having empathy, empowerment and the importance of taking action.

As Tony lives in Minneapolis and hosts the Antiracist Voter Podcast, our conversation naturally steered towards racial inequality and the riots that followed George Floyd’s murder. We discuss what individuals and organisations can do to dismantle systemic racism and Tony explains the challenges he faced when trying to educate himself on the issues.

We also discuss clarifying your personal purpose and vision with Tony reliving the moment he discovered his and he also shares a story on how finding out what breaks your heart can lead to a world of self-discovery and purpose.

If you would like to know more about Tony you can check out his website, follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram or check out the Thrive. Connect. Contribute website and you can also read more at www.ifonlyyouknewpodcast.com.au

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