The only thing in life you can’t buy is time

This week I speak with serial entrepreneur and marketing guru Gary Radford. Gary has started and sold many successful companies and his innate ability to create unique and innovative brands such as Wasp Diesel, Rhino FSD and Sumoboards sets him apart from the rest. When Gary starts a company, there is always someone waiting in line to buy it.

Gary and I talk about start-ups, how to set up your business for success, building a healthy relationship with criticism and staying motivated in a world of innovators.

Sometimes when trying to understand businesses and the people within them it can get really complex, but Gary’s breaks this down with an easy analogy to help you understand where a business is in terms of growth and what people best suit the business at each lifecycle.

Gary talks us through starting brands, scaling them, the daunting process of due diligence and the importance of having an exit strategy. He also succinctly explains exactly what your customers want and how to differentiate from your competitors.

We also discuss everything culture including keeping an agile culture while scaling a business, luck and what private equity firms look for when deciding to invest.  

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, looking to elevate your brand or wanting to know if a business is the right fit for your personality, then this episode won’t disappoint.


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How healthy is your relationship with criticism

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