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Death Sentence

*EXCLUSIVE Interview with Robert Ray, the last man sentenced to Death in Colorado*

At just 34, Robert Ray has already been in prison for 16 years. Sentenced to death in 2005 for a crime he is adamant he did not commit, Robert was the last man sentenced to Colorado’s Death Row.

In his first ever interview, I talk candidly with Robert, about his life growing up in the ghettos of Chicago, gang culture, his trial and why he was happy to receive the death penalty.

Robert opens up on the pain of being abandoned by his wife and loved ones, we discuss what he really thinks of the jury foreman and what happened when Governor Jared Polis commuted his sentence.

With the victim being a senator’s son, questionable witness motives and a racist jury foreman who published a book on the trial, Robert’s case had everything, but did it have justice?   

Incarcerated Since: 2005

Sentence Received: Death Sentence | Commuted to Life Without Parole in 2020

Convictions: Attempted 1st Degree Murder | 1st Degree Assault | Accessory to Murder | 1st Degree Murder (Conspiracy) x2

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