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What would you do differently if only you knew? Listen now as people share their reflections and lessons learnt along the way.

Breaking through the ceiling

Thinking about going back to study? Then check this out! This week I speak with mature age student Rose Reck. Like many young people, Rose wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her life and contemplated becoming a tattoo

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Impostor Syndrome

This week If Only You Knew Podcast chats with Phoebe Haywood, Principal Policy Officer at Queensland College of Teachers. As a young girl, Phoebe has vague memories of playing teacher with her younger sister but went through school wanting to

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Your network is your net worth

This week I speak to Ben Sinclair, a Customer Success Manager with a global software company about broken dreams and new beginnings. In high school, Ben was a sports scholarship student with dreams of becoming a professional footballer. Like many

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When expectations don’t match reality

Jenn & Mitch Hargreaves are high school sweethearts who’s shared desire to put life before work led them to sell everything they own and go travelling. They have been through so many ups and downs together and their lives has

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A Hacker I am

When I chat with Craig Ford, a Cyber Expert and Best Selling Author of A Hacker I Am and A Hacker I Am Vol 2, we talk all things cyber. We discuss state based hacking groups, the recent unprecedented Government

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Horrible bosses, stealing time and firing clients!

I’m talking with Nicole Murdoch who’s an Electrical Engineer turned Intellectual Property Lawyer who also holds a Masters of Industrial Property. With few electrical engineering opportunities within Australia at the time, Nicole turned to computer programming but found herself waking

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