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What would you do differently if only you knew? Listen now as people share their reflections and lessons learnt along the way.

Amplifying Voices

While browsing for the her next social justice mission in the early days of the internet, Tracy Lamourie, an avid human rights activist, stumbled upon a death row prisoner pleading his innocence. What followed was a 20 year campaign for

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Fork in the road

After leaving school Dylan enrolled in a computer electronics course at TAFE but the course was not what Dylan had hoped. Knowing this was not the path for him but unsure exactly what he wanted from life, Dylan decided to

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Hospital Sign

The Life Doctor

Becoming a Doctor is unlike any other career. When you dedicate your life to medicine it’s years of study, gruelling hours, limited appreciation and a lot of tragedy. There is an expectation placed on you by society that you serve

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Miss Charity Australia

After suffering a cardiac event following basic keyhole surgery at only 17 years of age, Asha was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, non-compaction and mitral valve regurgitation, which to keep it simple, means she has Heart Failure. She was told to stop

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Glass Half Full

With me this week is a role model for Gen Z, Devesh Tolikani. Devesh is a student entrepreneur with a passion for social impact. As an International student and successful host of Progressholic podcast, Devesh spends his time learning and

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Master Talker

How does a 22 year old Accountant go from working with one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms to training C-suite Executives in communication and starting a professional YouTube channel all while living in his mother’s basement and singing karaoke

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Image of brain

Remember this!

Episode Description In this episode I’m chatting with Chester Santos, aka. The International Man of Memory. After completing a Bachelor of Psychology, a Masters of Software Engineering and putting in a few years at law school, Chester was working as

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What breaks your heart?

After suffering a near drowning accident at 14, Tony experienced what he describes as a ‘reality alarm’ and almost instantaneously made a conscious decision to live a life of purpose and meaning. This decision continues to inform everything Tony does.

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Against all odds

As the daughter of felons and growing up in a pub seeing first-hand the detrimental effects of drug and alcohol abuse, Dr Dawn Carpenter knew she wanted something different for her life. Dawn wanted to build a legacy so she

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Talley Sad Singing

Don’t waste the crisis

I’ve saved a special conversation for the last episode of 2020. This week I’m chatting with Talley.   Talley is an independent filmmaker and musician who grew up making movies and playing in bands with friends after his parent’s divorce

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Seeds of growth

Achieve Anything You Want

With me this week is success coach, speaker and author Georgia Bamber. After studying economics and working in corporate finance for two years, Georgia asked herself a question. “What does it take to create a good life and how can

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One Percenter

This week I’m chatting to a 1 percenter. That’s right! Errin-leigh is a truckie! Errin-leigh found herself in the transport industry after chasing a career in sales. After leaving a low paying job in childcare, Errin-leigh landed in the world

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