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What would you do differently if only you knew? Listen now as people share their reflections and lessons learnt along the way.

Talley Sad Singing

Don’t waste the crisis

I’ve saved a special conversation for the last episode of 2020. This week I’m chatting with Talley.   Talley is an independent filmmaker and musician who grew up making movies and playing in bands with friends after his parent’s divorce

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Seeds of growth

Achieve Anything You Want

With me this week is success coach, speaker and author Georgia Bamber. After studying economics and working in corporate finance for two years, Georgia asked herself a question. “What does it take to create a good life and how can

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One Percenter

This week I’m chatting to a 1 percenter. That’s right! Errin-leigh is a truckie! Errin-leigh found herself in the transport industry after chasing a career in sales. After leaving a low paying job in childcare, Errin-leigh landed in the world

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Episode Thumbnail Lighthouse

Making a difference

This week I’m chatting with Kurt Scheuermann. Kurt recently left his job as a Senior Safety Advisor and Trainer & Assessor for a global construction and engineering company to move into a completely new role in child protection. We discuss

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Good, Bad, Olympiad

This week I’m chatting with Jenny Taylor. Jenny has had a long and unfair journey with her health and wellbeing. After seriously injuring her back and undergoing spinal surgery, Jenny finally thought her health woes were behind her. That feeling

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Second Chance

Episode 20 is a special one for me as former colleague and friend Tony Lockwood joins me for an emotional chat. On 7th March 2012 Tony was hurtling towards the peak of his career when he was involved in a

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Raleigh Skyline

Taking a breath

This week I’m chatting with Parker Mayes. Parker is an undergraduate marketing and business student at North Carolina State University in the United States, a Global Communications Intern at LexisNexis and host of Taking A Breath Podcast, a podcast where

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Practitioner of Purpose

This week I’m chatting with Jeff McKeon, Coach, Mentor and Practitioner of Purpose. Jeff grew up in the 70’s in a country town and struggled to find his way with an alcoholic father and an obese type 2 diabetic mother.

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On and off the pitch

This week I’m chatting with Laurie Harper, a former First Class Cricketer who represented Victoria in 38 first class matches and 16 one day games as a left handed batsman amassing over two thousand first class runs. Laurie was regarded

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From the Queen’s land to Queensland

This week I chat with Katie Bunch, a UK expat with a Bachelor of Media and Communications from Birmingham City University. After finishing her degree and saving some money, Katie headed to Bali for a break but wanting to visit

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