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What would you do differently if only you knew? Listen now as people share their reflections and lessons learnt along the way.

Resiliency Reframed

As a Registered Nurse with a Masters in Leadership & Management and a Lean Sigma Green Belt Patricia Gent was climbing the ladder in the world of medicine. Spending time in critical care research, Trish was instrumental in ensuring everyone’s

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The Ultimate Ultimatum

Upon completing her studies as an international student in Canada, Jette Stubbs was faced with the ultimate ultimatum – find a job in 90 days or leave the country. With no family to lean on and less than $100 in

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Flat Earth Dave

Listen as David Weiss, aka Flat Earth Dave tries to convince me that the earth is flat. The theory that the earth is flat has been around for a many years and has been described as the ultimate conspiracy theory.

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Great Expectations

After signing a national youth league contract with the Central Coast Mariners Matt was hungry to make it as a professional soccer player. Training 12-13 sessions per week and playing matches with his team, Matt was pushing himself to the

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Fearless Friends

With me this week is Dr Elizabeth Pritchard and Christine Burns from WALT Institute. Together this unlikely duo have a vision to create a global STEMM community that embraces Authentic Leadership by helping individuals reach their highest potential. Both high

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Life after luxury

Luke was ‘living the dream’ travelling the world, dining in world renowned restaurants and meeting sports stars and celebrities, all part of the job when you work for Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy! Excelling in the corporate world, Luke jumped at

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Image of Robert Ray

Death Sentence

*EXCLUSIVE Interview with Robert Ray, the last man sentenced to Death in Colorado* At just 34, Robert Ray has already been in prison for 16 years. Sentenced to death in 2005 for a crime he is adamant he did not

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Right place, wrong time

Jesus ‘Eddie’ Campa joins me to discuss and reflect on his illustrious and at times, controversial career in law enforcement.  Born and raised in El Paso Texas, Jesus retired as the Chief Deputy of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office

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The path to JOY

Erin had an Anxiety Disorder that left her holed up in her home for nearly a year. Through that experience she learned how and why that happened and developed strategies to overcoming and preventing it. Since finding the solutions to overcome

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Cross Culture

Colin C. Thompson, a Canadian born Jamaican, who was raised in the US but now calls China home, joins me to discuss his life and the cultural challenges he has faced as a black man living outside his native country.

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Amplifying Voices

While browsing for the her next social justice mission in the early days of the internet, Tracy Lamourie, an avid human rights activist, stumbled upon a death row prisoner pleading his innocence. What followed was a 20 year campaign for

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Fork in the road

After leaving school Dylan enrolled in a computer electronics course at TAFE but the course was not what Dylan had hoped. Knowing this was not the path for him but unsure exactly what he wanted from life, Dylan decided to

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