One Percenter

This week I’m chatting to a 1 percenter. That’s right! Errin-leigh is a truckie!

Errin-leigh found herself in the transport industry after chasing a career in sales. After leaving a low paying job in childcare, Errin-leigh landed in the world of transport and quickly ascended into management roles.

Not content with her role as Marketing Manager/Business Development Manager and concerned with the lack of female representation in the transport industry, Errin-leigh learnt how to drive trucks and now holds a Multi-combination (MC) Driver’s Licence, the highest driving qualification in Australia.

Errin-leigh and I discuss why she pursued the career she has, how she handles rejection and where she finds her inspiration and motivation.

We talk about online bullying, sexual harassment and decanting what people say and why they are saying it.

Of her career thus far Errin-leigh says there has been fun and laughter as well as struggles and tears and this episode will have you experiencing all of those emotions.

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