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Making an invisible issue impossible to ignore

This week I speak with qualified Carpenter, Joiner and Social Entrepreneur Daniel Allen. Dan, along with his best mate Edward Ross co-founded TradeMutt, a social enterprise that exists to drive social and cultural change to prevent the loss of Aussie lives to suicide.

Dan and Ed had an idea to use funky work shirts as a way to start conversations around mental health within the blue collar community. This extraordinary concept has evolved into a workwear, lifestyle and media brand promoting positive conversations not only through their workwear, but through various social media platforms – TradeMutt’s 120 Grit podcast, Trademutt Toolbox Talks and their online publication, the Mutt Hub.

Dan and Ed have also established their own not for profit mental health support service – TIACS. This is a conversation starter (TIACS) provides free, unlimited access to mental health via a support line, which removes many barriers that tradies face when trying to access vital support.

Dan and I chat about his decision to start TradeMutt, its evolution, scaling a not for profit and using profit for purpose. We talk about framing discussions around mental health, showing vulnerability in the workplace and the fine line between banter and bullying.

We also chat about celebrating the wins and the personal changes Dan has had to undergo moving from the job site to the leader of a social enterprise.

I ask Dan how he intends to stay true to their vision and values and make sure they never miss that call.

Even if you’ve never heard of TradeMutt, chances are you have seen someone in a TradeMutt shirt. So next time you see someone in of their outrageous designs, go and say hello because they are making an invisible issue impossible to ignore.

If you or someone you know needs someone to talk to, call TIACS on 0488 846 988

If you would like to know more about Daniel you can follow him on LinkedIn or read more at www.ifonlyyouknewpodcast.com.au

For more on TradeMutt visit their website

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