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Making a difference

This week I’m chatting with Kurt Scheuermann.

Kurt recently left his job as a Senior Safety Advisor and Trainer & Assessor for a global construction and engineering company to move into a completely new role in child protection.

We discuss his early career, how safety has evolved over the years and Kurt shares some best practice examples from some forward thinking organisations. I ask Kurt what it takes to build a positive safety culture from the ground up and we discuss some of the contributing factors that lead to poor safety decisions.

Kurt talks openly and honestly about the challenges he faced as a FIFO worker and how he found himself drinking and eating to replace the emotional connection with his children and partner. We discuss relationship breakdowns, mental health and wellbeing and the moment Kurt realised his feelings weren’t quite right.

Kurt also talks about his traumatic start to life and how a chance meeting in a Woolworths supermarket catapulted his career in a completely new trajectory. We discuss the necessary and important hoops to work in child safety, how his family has supported such a huge change to all their lives and how he manages to disconnect from the emotional burden of working in this field.

After spending twenty years in the construction industry, Kurt is now using his gifts to help children from vulnerable backgrounds thrive and not just survive.

EDIT: since recording Kurt has ben finding his feet in the child protection space and has been busy getting Loves Harvest up and running. A company he started with his partner that sells homemade plant based, compassionate, vegan products.

NOTE: Unfortunately there were a few glitches with the audio that led to some acoustic feedback. This occurs a couple of times when I’m asking Kurt some questions and doesn’t impact Kurt’s audio so bear with it, the answers are worth it!

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