Talley Sad Singing

Don’t waste the crisis

I’ve saved a special conversation for the last episode of 2020. This week I’m chatting with Talley.  

Talley is an independent filmmaker and musician who grew up making movies and playing in bands with friends after his parent’s divorce brought him from Oklahoma to Texas. At 18, Talley was working as an on-site photographer and editor in News Television taking on any freelance video jobs he could get.

Naturally talented, Talley moved to study film at the internationally acclaimed Colorado Film School and went through his twenties making movies, music and having fun! Talley was on an upward trajectory which sadly turned into a downward spiral. After graduating he struggled to make ends meet. Jobs were hard to come by, a number of post-film school collaborative projects failed, his band split and relationships collapsed.

Talley and I discuss the highs and lows of creative arts and working in jobs you hate while pursuing your passion despite never quite knowing if your day will come. Talley explains how after some setbacks he turned his attention to independent music and how he re-branded as a solo act.

We chat about getting fired, the American unemployment system, contracting and recovering from coronavirus, mental health and addiction.

This is one of the most honest and raw conversations of the year and you will feel yourself riding the waves of Talley’s highs and lows.

EDIT: Since recording this podcast Talley was hired for the biggest directing jobs of his freelance career so far and is working hard everyday on his music, film career, metal health and addiction from his new home in North Carolina Woods.

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