Impostor Syndrome

This week If Only You Knew Podcast chats with Phoebe Haywood, Principal Policy Officer at Queensland College of Teachers.

As a young girl, Phoebe has vague memories of playing teacher with her younger sister but went through school wanting to be a surgeon. It wasn’t until her senior years that Phoebe found herself looking at teaching as a career option.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education (Secondary) History & Geography with QUT, Phoebe returned to her former high school as a Geography & Modern History Teacher.

Phoebe and I chat about impostor syndrome that she, and many young professionals feel when they commence work as a graduate. Phoebe’s first role was more challenging than most as she found herself teaching kids not that much younger than herself!

Phoebe’s impulsive nature led her to a teaching job in Qatar, a world away from Brisbane Australia and Phoebe tells us about the differences in culture, teaching children with English as their second language and the loneliness and isolation that comes with living away from family and friends.

Since returning from Qatar Phoebe has gone on the complete a Master of Business Administration, moved away from teaching and into education policy and has now started a law degree. We talk about these big changes and how Phoebe’s career aspirations have changed.

With new roles created every year, let’s see where Phoebe’s career takes her.

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