High Achiever


Kris Grant is a CEO who is passionate about leadership. Reaching the C-level at just 32 and a single mum to two young children, Kris was a high achiever who worked hard.

Honing her management skills while leading over 50,000 staff throughout Asia Pacific at a global talent management firm where she held the position of CFO and COO, Kris came to a cross road. Unable to change the behaviours of the old men at the top and presented with a fresh opportunity to head up ASPL Group, a leading management consulting, training and recruitment organisation, Kris took a leap of faith and hasn’t looked back.

With a leadership team comprising 90% females, Kris has developed a team of highly engaged staff, and a roster of industry experts who work to deliver co-designed goals for a national client portfolio which includes all levels of government, major telcos and commercial clients in the banking, mining and health sectors.

Kris joins me to discuss balancing career and family, flexible work arrangements and her passion – leadership!

If you would like to know more about Kris you can check out ASPL’s website www.aspl.net.au or follow her on LinkedIn and you can read more at www.ifonlyyouknewpodcast.com.au

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