Glass Half Full

With me this week is a role model for Gen Z, Devesh Tolikani. Devesh is a student entrepreneur with a passion for social impact.

As an International student and successful host of Progressholic podcast, Devesh spends his time learning and helping others to do the same. Driven by the desire to address pressing social challenges, Devesh shares his story on why he gravitated towards this space and how he is nailing it.

Having spent his formative years in Dubai, Devesh knew he would need to study abroad to fulfil his goals and has gone on to become an Ivey HBA 2021 Candidate at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.

We discuss how growing up in Dubai, a culturally diverse country, has helped shape his future and how the Ivey Business School is changing the way the next generation learns. Devesh also shares the unusual way in which he became a podcaster and I ask Devesh to critique my skills!  

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