From the Queen’s land to Queensland

This week I chat with Katie Bunch, a UK expat with a Bachelor of Media and Communications from Birmingham City University.

After finishing her degree and saving some money, Katie headed to Bali for a break but wanting to visit Australia, she quickly boarded a flight to the Northern Territory and commenced her Aussie backpacking adventure.

Not unlike the 1.2 million UK citizens who call Australia home, once here, Katie fell in love with her adopted country and visited parts of Australia that many Australian’s haven’t yet been.

During our chat Katie gives me her take on the UK education system and we discuss how less than 10% of her cohort are actually working in the field in which they studied so hard.

Understanding the competitiveness of her chosen career, Katie quickly learnt that she needed to be persistent and determined and it was these traits that earned her an internship at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and a coveted role with Channel 7, one of three commercial television networks in Australia.

Katie dishes the dirt on the pressures of working in such a cut throat industry and gives some insight into the world of digital marketing and dealing with Google every day.

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