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From an Entrepreneur to an Intrapreneur with some Social Enterprise in between!

This week I’m chatting with Jessica Gilchrist. Jess is an entrepreneur who wants to live in a world filled with innovative business. Jess’ passion for entrepreneurship started early in life when she transformed a conservative chocolate tour business into a thriving and cutting edge Melbourne experience.

Then in December 2015 Jess was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma Cervical Cancer, the rarest type. After multiple surgeries and going through menopause in her mid-twenties, Jess and her family established Pink Boots Hire, a social enterprise with the vision of improving the lives of those going through cancer.

Jess came back with a bang and through the Pink Boots Foundation, Jess and her family have helped many others affected by cancer.

Jess and I chat about her early event management career and why she persevered to secure a role with an organization that repeatedly told her no. Jess explains how this set her on the path for future career success and we discuss the difficulties of working with family.

We talk education, business coaches, health and wellbeing, networking, being authentic and having fun!

Jess’ tenacity and optimism is infectious and this is a conversation not to be missed. 

Jessica is a powerhouse!

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You can donate here to Pink Boots Foundation or The Olivia Newton John Cancer Centre

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