Engineering masterpiece

Engineering is magic, or at least the closest thing to magic that exists in the world!

This week I chat with Stefan Tschirren about his journey into the field of Engineering. Stefan took quite a streamlined approach to his career going straight from high school to university and into the corporate world. While he found that this approach accelerated his career it didn’t give him the time to discover himself.

We talk about the subject selections he made to put him in the best position for his future and how his environment influenced his decision to choose this career path.

Stefan lets us in on his biggest takeaway from university, how engineering is a cloud of illusion and I open a can of worms when I ask about the difference between civil and structural engineering!

When Stefan tells the story of how a colleague’s inadvertent mistake led to the death of innocent people, we discuss the lessons Stefan learnt from such a tragedy. 

The pressures faced by engineers is very real and Stefan talks about his unique way of disconnecting.

If you’re looking to become an engineer, work with engineers or want to know what they do, this episode will give you a great insight into the world of engineering – where magic happens!

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