Fork in the road

After leaving school Dylan enrolled in a computer electronics course at TAFE but the course was not what Dylan had hoped. Knowing this was not the path for him but unsure exactly what he wanted from life, Dylan decided to find a job.  

But just 9 months after securing a trainee role with the largest Hire Company in Australia, Coates Hire, Dylan was involved in a serious car accident. Dylan was determined recover and get back to work and this determination has seen him progress from Trainee to Branch Manager.  

In this episode Dylan shares details about the accident, the injuries he sustained and the impact it had on him both personally and professionally. Dylan explains why it was important for him to return to work and how Coates made this possible.  

We discuss his progression from Trainee to Branch Manager and how staff transitioned from having to listen to him, to wanting to listen to him.  

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