Breaking through the ceiling

Thinking about going back to study? Then check this out!

This week I speak with mature age student Rose Reck. Like many young people, Rose wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her life and contemplated becoming a tattoo artist, a chef and a nurse. Also like many young people, 13 years of study had taken its toll and Rose wanted to enjoy a ‘gap year’. A year filled with travel, adventure and making money!

Most people that take a ‘gap year’ don’t head straight back to university and Rose was no exception. It wasn’t until her sister decided to go back to the books and some healthy sibling rivalry started, that Rose decided she was going to invest in herself.

We chat about the challenges of high school, the inequity of university entrance exams, the daunting cost of further education, the flexibility of online courses and balancing work, study and life.

Rose also has some great advice on how to get organised and stay motivated!

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