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Achieve Anything You Want

With me this week is success coach, speaker and author Georgia Bamber. After studying economics and working in corporate finance for two years, Georgia asked herself a question. “What does it take to create a good life and how can I make one for myself?” Knowing the corporate world would not provide the happiness she desired, Georgia left it behind and never looked back.  

As Georgia candidly admits, anyone can call themselves a coach but with a Bachelor of Economics, a Master of Business Administration and a Masters of Psychology, Georgia has the credentials to help people start living their best life.

We talk about why people need a life coach, the challenges you face when you critically reflect on your life and why getting a coach or mentor is the most lifechanging experience of your life.

Georgia has lived across the world and her experience is just as diverse. Working with refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong, Georgia was a saviour for women that had experienced so much trauma but this created an internal conflict when returning home each evening to her loving family.

Having gained so much knowledge and with so much to give, Georgia set out to write a book, Achieve Anything You Want which went on to become a number one bestseller.

Georgia talks to me about the importance of discipline (she has done at least 10 minutes of yoga every day for 4 years!) and she tells me to let go of the idea of balance.

This is one conversation you won’t forget.

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