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What would you do differently If Only You Knew?

Turning podcasting on its head, If Only You Knew looks at the careers and experiences  of people from all walks of life, giving  insight into the ups and down that people encounter when they faced the pivotal moments in their lives. Through this podcast, you will take a journey into the lives and careers of many people from different backgrounds, cultures, countries and ages as I ask the question “what would you do differently, if only you knew?”.

I have lost count of how many times people have asked me what my ‘passion’ is. We are all seeking to find our passion so we can spend our time doing what we love. Listening to the experiences of others, understanding their ambitions, learning from their mistakes and taking inspiration from their stories, I hope If Only You Knew podcast can lead you to find your passion. 

We live in a globalised society where, every day, we interact with people from all walks of life.  People with different values, priorities, and purpose. A world where there is so much to learn but in which we limit ourselves by not asking questions and listening to the answers. If Only You Knew podcast will give you an insight in to what else is out there, the options available to help you achieve your goals, and that it is OK to change directions.

So settle in and listen to my podcast and let me know what you would do differently, If Only You Knew. 


Feedback from our guests

Kind words from all our guests on the show, we appreciate all their unique stories and are honoured for their time!

Would you like to be on the show?

Everyone has a story to tell and this podcast is just the place to share your ups, downs and hidden gems of wisdom. 

It is very rare that someone travels a straight path through life, there are so many road bumps (and sometimes boulders) along the way that most people don’t talk about. Here at If Only You Knew we do talk about the bumps, boulders and big hairy audacious goals. Remember, success can only be measured by you and your measure of success will change over the course of your life. Pause, reflect, learn and move forward. Never let anyone stop you from reaching your goals.

Did you know?

There are that many different ‘jobs’ in the world that it has never been quantified! Pretty much any activity can be turned into a money-making enterprise. But while jobs and payment go hand in hand, it is the random acts of kindness that people remember you for. Be kind, donate your time. 


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