A Hacker I am

When I chat with Craig Ford, a Cyber Expert and Best Selling Author of A Hacker I Am and A Hacker I Am Vol 2, we talk all things cyber. We discuss state based hacking groups, the recent unprecedented Government announcements about the ‘sophisticated attacks on Australia’ and how we are losing our privacy through Government legislation such as the 2018 Assistance and Access Bill that allows access into encrypted sites such as WhatsApp & Snapchat.

Craig explains social engineering and we talk about the realistic structure of cyber-criminal groups, the enormous amount of money paid to them through the dark web via bitcoin and other crypto currencies and the new way to launder money. Craig gives his take on organisations paying ransoms, their obligation to notify data breaches and law enforcement’s capability to investigate cybercrime.

We delve into the difficulties faced by people wanting to work in the cyber industry and how Craig went on to study two Masters degrees over six years just to get the roles he was already technically capable of doing.

Craig talks me through the mental health challenges that his industry face and the two year shelf life of a CISO.

Craig’s daughter also makes a brief cameo!  

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